Irish Dance Idaho Club
Irish Dance Idaho began in February 2005 under the direction of Becca, Heidi and Spencer Ingram. We've taught students ages 3-72 in our IDI classes, workshops, online classes, and after school programs. We've met people who are interested in taking classes, but can't commute to our Studio in Boise, Idaho, or can't make our classes work with their schedule. An Irish Dance Idaho Club membership is the perfect solution! 
Basic and Student Memberships
We have two options: Basic Membership and Student Membership. Basic Membership includes prerecorded videos, Google Classroom and video/email feedback. Our Student Membership includes all of that plus Zoom (or Google Meet) weekly classes.

Both memberships are meant to give you a good workout and have fun!

  1. Irish Dance Idaho Club Membership is recommended for ages 10 and up, but younger dancers are welcome if an older sibling or family member is signed up AND
  2. We offer a family membership plan!
  3. Adult learners are encouraged!
  4. An IDI Club Membership focuses on percussive hard shoes with steps designed to be practiced and performed in a small area.
  5. You can choose to purchase Irish dance hard shoes or start in dance sneakers, tap shoes. 
  6. You'll need at least a 4X4 area to practice. 
  7. Irish dance shoes aren't required for the first few classes, but you'll need them later on!
Contact us for pricing plans (or any other questions) and we will get back with you ASAP! 

We respect your privacy and will never share your contact info.